A Case for Cracking

I want to address something that plagues a lot of performers; something that often prevents us from exploring our rich craft. No, it isn't the dreaded vocal crack or the need to flip instead of belt. It's the fear.

This fear stops us from taking risks. It prevents us from exploring our depth. It locks us in one ideology of "correctness" and impedes our exploration of our own art. 

We can't ever learn to sound pretty if we're constantly afraid of sounding ugly.

The inability to make a mistake, the fear of it, freezes the body from discovering creative output. It is impossible to flow when constricted. In order to find the rich truth of our voice, we have to learn to love every part of it. The flat, the sharp, the melodic, and the harmonic.

Your dissonance is your resonance. Your song lives in your freedom, not in your freeze. The fight engages the song. Your conflict enriches your story. No good music was ever written out of comfort. No drama was ever performed out of comfort. Conflict incites creativity. Without it, the curtain falls, the Mic stalls, and hopeful ears become deaf. Trust your challenge and allow yourself to accept the ugly parts of yourself.

Without them, you can't truly appreciate your beautiful parts. In your freedom you will find your joy. In your joy you will find your talent. In your talent you will find your purpose.