The Work

"To be wholly alive is to breathe deeply, to move freely, and to feel fully"

-Alexander Lowen

You are enough. Within you is the power to be fully alive and to captivate others. Together we can awaken and hone that ability.

As a certified teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, I use an energetic process of breaking down old tensions and habits in order to cultivate space for a free-flowing expressive body. This is a holistic approach to communicating fully and effectively for performers and non-performers alike.

We destructure: a utilization of physical positions that induce internal vibrations to assist in the release of muscular tension in order to discover a more open instrument.

We restructure: connect the thought and inspiration of any moment to the need to communicate using specific focused anatomy to support that sound effectively.

We find presence: develop awareness of internal and external experience equally, while staying grounded in the task at hand.

We play: use the whole range of the free, expressive, healthy, and rooted body for communicating/performing.

As a certified teacher of Knight-Thompson Speechwork, I utilize a detailed approach to accent and dialect acquisition with respect to cultural representation, prosodic qualities of primary source speakers, alignment of the speech mechanism for ease of flow, and specific phonological analysis of the accent or dialect in question.

Your training is yours

My approach is flexible and versatile. We will work together to discover what is most needed for your development. As a teacher experienced in multiple performance and speech pedagogies, your lessons will be catered to you. From accent/dialect acquisition and audition preparation to music theory and vocal versatility, we will find what you're looking for.